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Saalam. Thank you for taking the time to come on to the Mosque site to view the draft Mosque Trust Deed. The Trustees wish to ensure that our Mosque and management arrangements comply with the law as it stands now as well as the requirements of the Charities Commission. We also need to ensure that our Mosque arrangements will stand the test of time as we know that there may be other new requirements on the horizon from government including inspections of Mosques.

The Trustees have a legal duty to: Act in the best interest of the Mosque (this includes avoiding being in a position where a Trustee or Mosque Management Committee Member's duties conflict with their person interests or loyalty to any person or body); Manage the Mosque's resources responsibly; Act with care and skills; and ensure the Trust is accountable (this includes demonstrating the Trust complies with the law, is well run and effective and ensuring accountability within the Trust, particularly where there is delegated responsibilities - as is the case with our Mosque Management Committee.

In agreeing a revised Trust Deed, which brings together all previous documents, the Trust Board wishes to ensure as wide a consultation as possible with both Mosque Muslim members and non-members. We would particularly encourage young Muslims (who will be our leaders of the future) to take part as well as Muslim women. The Trust Deed Consultation was launched on 26 February 2016 with availability of this website allowing members and non-members to provide comments and feedback to the Trust Board. The Trustees also made themselves available for 1-to-1 consultation on 19 March and 24 April 2016. A Members consultation meeting was held on 8 May 2016. As a result of the consultation process so far a number of changes have been made to the proposed Trust Deed. We are now seeking any final comments by close 29 May 2016. After this date any final changes will be made and arrangements made for Members to vote on the proposed Trust Deed.

Consultation Process

June/July 2016: Members Meeting/Secret Ballot on Trust Deed

Please take the time to carefully read the Trust Deed. Your comments should be made putting the interests of the Mosque first and foremost before those of yourself, your family or Bradary (Clan). Your comments will not be made public or shared with others aside from the Trust Board and only then in an aggregate form. Where judged appropriate the Trust Board may write to you explaining why it is, or is not, accepting your comments/amendments.

Please ensure that you provide all the compulsory information that is requested otherwise you will not be able to use the website to send us your comments. We thank you for taking your time to take an interest in the affairs of the Mosque. If you are not a Mosque Member then we would encourage you to be one so that you can have your say in all formal Mosque proceedings.


Mohammad Haroon JP MSc FRSA

Mosque Trust Board
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